The She Loves Tech global startup competition is back

Open to applications from women-led startups impacting women

HONG KONG, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The world’s largest startup competition and accelerator program for female-led, female-impacted tech startups is back for its 8th year, operating in over 60 countries.

If you are or know of a tech startup that has at least one female founder, or if the startup has a majority of female consumers or end users, join She Loves Tech Global Startup Competition 2022.

The She Loves Tech (SLT) Global Startup Competition Gives Startups a Global Stage, a Unique Five-Month Events-a long experience rooted in community, mentorship, education and investment. In line with our mission to close the funding gap for women, here is the platform for more women-led startups impacting women around the world to be seen and heard.

Deadlines for new applications are:

August 14, 2022

Brunei Indonesia Singapore

August 21, 2022

Bangladesh Cambodia Malaysia Philippines Sri Lanka Thailand Vietnam

September 1, 2022

China – continental Chinahong kong & Macau Central Asia India

Israel Japan Mongolia Pakistan South Korea

September 12, 2022

Africa Australia & New Zealand Baltic States, Europe & UK

Latin America Middle East & Turkey North America

Interested parties can find more details and submit their applications here.

More … than $500,000 in prizes are up for grabs:

  • $15,000 Cash prize from Teja Ventures
  • $10,000 ADB Ventures Cash Prize
  • Until $100,000 Direct investment from the She Loves Tech Fund.
  • Mentorship from top tech investors and influencers
  • Accelerated access to programs and resources and internal advisory services
  • Access to a global community of founders and investors and global media coverage

“Innovative business ideas can play an important role in solving the (Asian) region’s development challenges, and we have seen women take a leading role in technology innovation. She Loves Tech is a unique partner who seeks to close the funding gap for women entrepreneurs and accelerate the best technology for transformative impact, a vision shared by ADB Ventures.We are excited to see the innovations coming out of the competitions this year.

Dominique MellorAsian Development Bank Project Manager

  • Also this year, we are strengthening our offering by launching an SLT platform to allow investors to rate and review a curated list of startups. The same platform also allows founders to showcase innovation, interact with peers, access resources, for example. education and collaboration
  • SLT is also preparing the launch of our Fund to bring direct investments up to $100,000 by selected startup

The five monthss-the long competition will conclude with the She Loves Tech conference, an annual thought leadership summit where thought leaders, changemakers and entrepreneurs will come together Singapore before the last championship round of the competition.

“This year, each SLT finalist will have the opportunity to receive direct investment from the SLT fund and potential co-investments from our affiliate funds. Teja Ventures will continue to support She Loves Tech, which we have been doing since 2019.”

Virginia Tanfounding partner of Teja Ventures and co-founder, She Loves Tech

“This is her 8th year running the global She Loves Tech competition and we’re still thinking about how to move things forward and better support talented female founders and tech that benefits women.”

Rhea Viewco-founder, She Loves Tech

“Through the competition, conference, SLT fund, and investment in our own technology to provide an ecosystem to match founders and investors, SLT hopes to provide greater visibility for startups in our efforts to bridge the gap. gender gap in financing.”

Leanne Roberco-founder, She Loves Tech

About She Loves Tech

Launched in 2015, She Loves Tech is a global platform committed to closing the financing gap for women entrepreneurs. It is a globally recognized institution that runs the world’s largest startup competition for women entrepreneurs – which has attracted thousands of startups from around the world and operates in over 70 countries. The platform also sources and accelerates top entrepreneurs and technologies for transformative impact, aiming to unlock more 1 billion US dollars in capital by 2030 for women-led businesses.

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