Tetraathlon champions shoot, swim and fight their way through the history books


For the first time in Irish Pony Club history, a team from Wexford has been crowned 2021 Minimus Champions, winning against more than 60 teams across the country.

The winning team consisted of Cillian Crosbie, Lucy Minihan, Emma Hickey and Michael Bowe. The young athletes also landed the best mixed team which has not been won by a Wexford team since 1991.

The club’s winning streak didn’t end with the championship win. Emma Hickey won the all-around winning the trophy for best individual girl as well as top individual runner. Michael Bowe was third in the boys’ individual and Cillian Crosbie was fifth.

Molly Hennessy was the second girl in the Class of 2020 competition with Cora Finn taking seventh and Heather Costello ninth. Heather and Cora were co-winners of the race phase and Molly took second in swimming.

Michael Bowe and Emma Hickey also participated in the international competition which included a shooting phase. Emma took second place with the Scottish team and Michael’s Irish team finished fourth. Emma finished first overall in the international competition, again winning both the best individual girl and the best race and Michael finished second boy in the individual competition.

Ramsgrange’s team leader Therese Costello said she was extremely proud of the Minimus children between the ages of 8 and 12.

“Well done to the 21 members who participated in the Minimus Championships this weekend. An amazing group of kids who have worked so hard over the past few months in all disciplines!

Thérèse goes on to explain that the minimus is unique in that it brings together three disciplines: swimming, running and horse riding. Points are awarded to competitors for their performance in each discipline and the overall winner is the competitor with the most points after the three disciplines.

“The kids run a mile and swim for two minutes, which isn’t easy for adults, no matter those under 12, but they gave it their all. The cross country course was a very technical trail that our kids rode in style and all came home with a big smile on their face! The whole pony club is very proud of each of them.

The club have fielded four impressive teams in the Under-12 competition. Kayla Barron, Mia Kent, Hannah Kate Crosbie and Tom Hickey were part of the Wexford Jelly Tots team; Ryan Barron, Conor Roche, Sarah Finn and Grace O’Hanlon made up the Wexford Maltesers; the Wexford Starbursts were Brooke Sutton McGarry, Hannah Byrne, Hannah Hennessy Murphy and Kitty Dalton and the Wexford Minstrels were Cillian Crosbie, Lucy Minihan, Emma Hickey and Michael Bowe. Ben Barron, Eva Kent, Molly Hennessy Murphy, Cora Finn and Heather Costello all competed in a special championship class for members who were up to last year’s age, but the championships did not take place because of Covid, so this competition was a championship for the class of 2020. ”

Carmel Fitzpatrick, DC of the Pony Club said, “It is a joy to see so many of our young members take on the de minimus challenge and do so well in swimming, running and riding. Their talent really shone and they can be proud of themselves and excited for next year’s competition. The future is bright for the minimus and the tetrathlon at the Wexford Pony Club ”.

The Pony Club is a great club for any kid interested in ponies with members aged 5 to 21, she said.

“There is much more to do, training and competitions in show jumping, dressage, eventing, mounted games, combined training, hunter competitions, minimus and tetrathlon and many more. fun activities for young people. ”

For more information on pony club membership, visit www.itsplainsailing.com/club/wxpc or to get in touch, do so through Facebook Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/WexfordPonyClub.

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