South Gates of Thebes

The competition seeks proposals of “high environmental and aesthetic quality” to revitalize the southern slopes of the ancient citadel of Thebes – known locally as Cadmia – which now features a mix of historical monuments and new administrative buildings.

The pilot project – backed by sustainability charity Cities in Balance – aims to transform the area into a new “public, outdoor and urban space” with better pedestrian connections, fewer cars and better landmark recognition local histories.

According to the brief: “Intervention in this area is crucial for the revaluation of urban space as it currently houses important administrative, recreational and cultural uses in buildings of varying value and age, including protected monuments. .

“The redevelopment will be a pilot intervention and a trigger for the regeneration of the historic city which is currently suffering from residential and traffic saturation, deterioration of public spaces and a depressing deterioration of the urban landscape for residents and visitors.”

Thebes is an ancient city of major archaeological significance that features the ruins of the historic Cadmia Citadel atop a hill at its center. The colony was originally founded in Mycenaean times and later became a rival to Athens. He is associated with several Greek myths including Oedipus, Dionysus and Heracles.

The latest competition – dubbed the Southern Gates of Thebes – seeks ambitious proposals to rethink the southern approach to the city’s historic citadel. The proposals are expected to remove “current discomfort in pedestrian movement and attitude” and introduce “modern exterior architectural configurations that are safe, comfortable and enjoyable for all citizens”.

Submissions will be judged on the functionality of the proposed road alignment changes and their ability to enhance the presentation of local administrative, cultural and recreational uses. Proposals will also be assessed on the strength of new connections created between the neighborhood and the wider city and the use of innovative architectural archaeological sites in public space.

The overall winner will receive a prize of €29,980 while a second prize of €17,730 and a third prize of €11,820 will also be awarded. The competition language is Greek and the application deadline is November 8 at 3 p.m. local time.

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