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Former rugby union referee Alain Rolland is in Fiji to help Rooster Chicken Fijiana 15 players better understand the laws of the game ahead of his test match and the World Cup.

Rolland arrived in the country last night and got straight to work with the team this morning educating the players on the mindset of a referee when applying the laws of the game.

He says they focused on specific areas today and the players responded well.

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“As for the breakdown, especially the tackle, the roll, the priority is that the referee works as we think so the referee this weekend has the process on how she is going to referee the breakdown and I’m trying to get the girls to understand what that process is like. Like.”

Alain Rolland

Rolland adds that the motive is to get the players to understand the referees’ mental solution that would prevent a particular player from being targeted, avoid penalties and move the scoreboard.

The former Irish rugby union international also helped the Flying Fijians side in 2005 for their World Cup campaign.

He was also the referee who controlled Fiji’s 2003 World Cup game against France and condemned Rupeni Caucau for hitting the French flanker.

Rolland will be with Fijiana 15 in their Vodafone Fiji Women’s Rugby Test series against Canada on Friday at 6pm at HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.

You can also watch the game live on FBC Sports.

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