Nightingale devs make the survival game more unsettling with realistic thunderstorms

With Nightingale set to launch in Early Access next year, the team at Inflexion Games is hard at work bringing its beautiful fantasy world to life.

The latest developer blog post (opens in a new tab) reveals how it makes adventure through the fae realms more atmospheric and unsettling with realistic thunderstorms. The team went to great lengths to make these adverse weather effects incredibly realistic, spending an entire week studying slow-motion videos of thunderstorms to ensure the branching was perfect.

“We wanted Nightingale’s weather effects to be as realistic as possible,” says the developer. “When a thunderstorm is coming you will see cloud lightning on the horizon, but as the thunderstorm approaches you will start to see cloud to cloud discharges and then when the thunderstorm gets really severe you might even see the bolts hit the ground.”

He also worked on additional points of interest for players to discover. New images show an airship hangar in a dusty desert-like place, and a mysterious and powerful stone monument, which you can see below, just waiting to be explored.


(Image credit: inflection games)

Be sure to check out the blog for more, including some rather hilarious footage from the developer’s “bug of the month,” which shows trees dramatically defying the laws of physics after being cut down. Hey, who said making games was easy?

If Nightingale has flown under your radar thus far, let us bring you up to speed. It is the first title from Inflexion Games, the studio formed by former Bioware frontman Aaryn Flynn and is a survival game with a rich Victorian fantasy setting. You use portals to travel between different regions, each filled with wondrous sights and dangerous creatures. The game was originally scheduled to launch in early access in 2022, but was recently delayed to “first half of 2023”. The delay is partly due to an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, and to allow the team at Inflexion to provide “the best possible experience”.

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