Immunity Island castaway Mike Laws reportedly “loved to stay longer”


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In Episode 3 of “Survivor SA: Immunity Island”, self-proclaimed corporate law geek Mike Laws became the third castaway to be caught off guard and to vote off the island.

After the surprise tribal exchange, Mike tried everything to keep the original alliance of Vuna’s members intact, but it was a bit too late for the party, and his torch was extinguished at the tribal council, leaving his only friend and ally. on the island, Carla devastated at her dismissal.

Taking matters into his own hands with grace, Mike spoke with IOL Entertainment about his experience of the world’s greatest social experiment.

How did you feel about being knocked out so early in the game?

I would have liked to have stayed in the game longer, but nonetheless I am incredibly grateful for my time on the island.

It’s a little sad and also so grateful to have played along. The tribal reshuffle was a problem. They made me feel good, so good luck.

How did the ‘Survivor SA’ experience go?

About 10 times more fun and more difficult than I expected.

What has been your biggest challenge on the island?

Lack of sleep ! I was not ready for this!

Did you have a game plan?

My plan was to come in and be as mischievous and Machiavellian as possible while having a lot of fun.

I was unfortunately not very good at managing my perception of the threat!

How did the filming go on the Côte Sauvage?

Filming on the Wild Coast was glorious and exhausting.

If you get the chance, will you come back?


Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island “airs on M-Net Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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