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CHENNAI: Retaining a foreign coach, organizing more international and national competitions, ensuring that more players qualify for the Olympics were some of the discussions that took place between the Federation Indian Boxing (BFI) and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) on Tuesday. The BFI was represented by its chairman Ajay Singh at the annual training and competition calendar meeting.

It is understood that the men’s team’s high performance director, Santiago Nieva, is expected to continue. According to insiders, his name was on the CCTA and should continue. Nieva, who was in extra time, is part of the men’s squad at the current Belgrade World Championships. There has been an overhaul of the male coaching staff with Narendra Rana as Head of National Coaches and former Head Coach, CA Kuttappa, becoming a Coaches Coordinator.

Interestingly, the BFI has yet to decide on the National Women’s Head Coach, although Bhaskar Bhatt’s name has been submitted. As this newspaper reports, Bhatt is in the mix and is being considered for the key position of the women’s team, but the decision has yet to be made as the BFI selection committee has yet to decide on the panel of ‘coaches.

It is understood that the BFI tries to finalize the list as soon as possible. Since most of the boxers are railroads, there is pressure on the BFI to appoint a number of board coaches. It should be noted that Mohammed Ali Qamar, who was the head coach at the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics, accompanied the railways team to the senior national championships in Hisar.

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