Fantasy football – Adam Thielen among forgotten wide receivers in early drafts

You wouldn’t know by looking early fantasy football draft results, but Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen was a fantastic productive option last season, averaging over six catches and 62 receiving yards per game through 11 of them, and with 10 touchdowns nice. He was playing at the WR1 level, on his way to 100 receptions and 1,000 yards. Then he got hurt. Hey, football players get injured.

Now we see Thielen going far even from the WR3 range in early drafts. It’s easy to see some of the reasoning for this disheartening disrespect, since Thielen has just recovered from an ankle injury that truncated his season and required surgery. He’s entering his 31-year-old season and, oh, Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook are obviously the two best options in this productive offense. But stay, Round 9 at the beginning of the ADP? Oh good? No, that doesn’t make much sense. Thielen is somehow forgotten in the drafts.

Fantasy managers love young, up-and-coming wide receivers and often overlook older, proven, productive options that may have suffered a setback or two in recent seasons but can easily roll back to earlier levels. This article can be, and probably is, written every summer, with some name changes, and this author often raises his hand to write it. Thielen coming out of the top 40 wide receivers in early drafts hardly matches his value. He was a top 10 PPR receiver in 2018 and 2020, and was on track for a repeat in 2021 until an injury intervened.

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