Ex-Celtic midfielder Peter Grant calls for domestic cup competition to be scrapped

FORMER Celtic midfielder Peter Grant believes one of Scotland’s three domestic cup competitions should be scrapped as the crowded fixture list is having a negative effect on lower league clubs and the national team .

The SPFL pyramid teams face a turbulent campaign thanks to the month-long break this winter to host the World Cup in Qatar.

The former Dunfermline and Alloa manager believes the country’s biggest teams will be unwilling to send youngsters out on loan in order to cope with the demands of the busy season – and as a result promising players will not play. as many games as they otherwise would.

The Premier Sports Cup kicked off last weekend, the SPFL Trust Trophy kicks off next month and top-flight clubs will take part in the Scottish Cup in January.

Grant would like to see one of the cuts removed and thinks the benefits would be substantial.

He told the Scottish Sun: “One thing I have experienced not only at Alloa but also at Dunfermline, particularly during the Covid season, is that we have to cut one of the cups and let it go and see how that happens.

“Is it worth [having three cup competitions]? I do not think so. Most of the teams that end up in the final are big clubs anyway.

“By the time the big money comes in, the smaller teams haven’t made any money from it because they’re out of competition and running it at a loss.

“There’s so much going on and we don’t have the finances to support it and you can see that with the salaries some of the full-time clubs are offering in the lower leagues.

“A lot of them are offering near part-time wages. That’s why some boys will think they have to go down and take another route, they were still going to get jobs, so why not offer it.

“That’s just my opinion though – the decision-making is not up to me. If it were up to me, I would definitely have gotten rid of one of the cup competitions by now.”

Grant continued: “You look at how it’s going to be this year with the World Cup, everything is coming together.

“Premiership teams are going to play every midweek, if you think about it, with Celtic and Rangers having their races in Europe hopefully – alongside Hearts, Dundee United and Motherwell also having their own races.

“If they can do that, they’ll never have a break until the World Cup. Then you’ll fit into international games, Challenge Cup games for the championship and below – that’s just too much.

“They fear whipping players and getting the best for them and from them in terms of player care.

“All of this also impacts the leagues below because it means the bigger teams are stretched because younger kids will have to sit on the bench and they won’t have the opportunity to come out and play. learn their way. the game.

“Before you know it, you’ll have another lost season where they haven’t played any games, which particularly annoys me.

“We don’t hesitate to point to the Scottish national team saying we’re not good enough technically this and the other, it’s impossible to have that if they don’t play games. The players are in delay of years in their development as a result.”

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