Laws of the game – Soccer Superfly XP Tue, 02 Aug 2022 01:45:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Laws of the game – Soccer Superfly XP 32 32 Constitutional basis for the Senate inquiry into Gilas Tue, 02 Aug 2022 01:45:28 +0000 FIVE SENATORS recently tabled a resolution to investigate the Gilas Pilipinas men’s basketball team. With the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023 just one year away – and with the Philippines co-hosting it with Japan and Indonesia – it seems the sense of urgency to fix Filipino basketball has reached the halls of the Senate. Some […]]]>

FIVE SENATORS recently tabled a resolution to investigate the Gilas Pilipinas men’s basketball team. With the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023 just one year away – and with the Philippines co-hosting it with Japan and Indonesia – it seems the sense of urgency to fix Filipino basketball has reached the halls of the Senate.

Some people will surely applaud the Senate’s decision, while others will see it as another opportunity for government interference in sport. But let’s dive into the basic legal principles involved in this situation.

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Can the Senate conduct such an investigation?

Yes, as long as the investigation is at the service of the legislation. Under Article VI, Section 21 of the Philippine Constitution, the Senate or House of Representatives or any of their respective committees may conduct investigations in support of legislation. This power derives not only from the Constitution, but also from the nature and duty of the Senate to pass laws.

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According to Senate Resolution 83, the investigation is indeed in support of the legislation, as it states that the Senate “will conduct an investigation in support of the legislation on ways to support the men’s team of basketball of Gilas Pilipinas”.

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Since the survey will be used for legislation, will a “Gilas law” actually be passed?

Not really. The power of the Senate to pass laws is plenary. This means that he can decide to investigate and then decide that it is in the interests of Philippine basketball to not pass any law.

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The Supreme Court has ruled that investigations need not result in potential legislation. Therefore, the Senate can summon the SBP people to appear before it, ask them questions, and ultimately fail to pass a law.

Can SBP officials refuse to appear before the Senate?

They cannot refuse to appear. Once the Senate issues them a subpoena, they have go. Otherwise, the Senate can cite them for contempt, which can result in their detention.

The Senate’s power to cite people in contempt is a matter of self-preservation and part of their legislative power to bring people before them to help them pass laws (or not pass laws if they think so). Without it, the Senate will not be able to fulfill its constitutional function to legislate without hindrance or obstruction.


Did you say restraint? So if SBP officials are cited for contempt, they can be jailed?

Yes. The Senate may detain resource witnesses or speakers who are cited for contempt. Detention ceases once the Senate Committee report is approved or disapproved, or at the end of Congress.

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So it is better to comply with the Senate.

Assuming SBP officials appear before the Senate, can they refuse to answer questions?

Not really. As long as the questions are important or relate directly to any proposed or possible legislation, they should answer those questions. If they don’t, they can also be cited for contempt.

Only certain questions can be refused, such as those relating to executive privilege; military, diplomatic and national security matters; or trade secrets. These don’t seem to apply to SBP or Gilas Pilipinas.

It seems everything is in favor of the Senate, so can they just ask for whatever they want?

Well, they have to respect the rights of SBP officials. Under Article VI, Section 21 of the Philippine Constitution, the rights of persons appearing in or affected by such investigations must be respected. One of these rights is the right not to incriminate oneself. Thus, if a question calling for an incriminating answer is asked, then the agents of the SBP can validly refuse to answer it.

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The Senate issue must also be important to the bill to help Gilas Pilipinas. Therefore, the Senate should not ask a question that has nothing to do with Gilas Pilipinas or sports in general. SBP officials can validly refuse to answer these irrelevant questions.

Whatever happens next, let’s hope Gilas Pilipinas waves our flag high at the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023.

Mickey Ingles is the editor of Batas Sportiva, practices sports law for ILC Law and teaches constitutional law at the Ateneo Law School. He is also the author of Alinam, a young adult fantasy novel published by Summit Media.

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The family claim of the former sultanate of Borneo threatens to… Sun, 31 Jul 2022 10:52:20 +0000 It is now an article of faith that when most European colonialists left Africa or Asia, they left behind hastily drawn borders that led to secessionist or irredentist claims and, in cases extremes, to lasting tensions. For the most part, Africa was “spared” from a series of such claims thanks to the original charter of […]]]>

It is now an article of faith that when most European colonialists left Africa or Asia, they left behind hastily drawn borders that led to secessionist or irredentist claims and, in cases extremes, to lasting tensions. For the most part, Africa was “spared” from a series of such claims thanks to the original charter of the Organization of African Unity – now the African Union – which insisted that countries maintain and respect existing borders and sovereignty.

Yet not all land claims or disputes are equal. In many cases, there may be valid grounds for land claims. There are also instances where claims may be misleading or based on ancient myths, legends, or imaginary communities. In other cases, there may be tribal, clan or “family” claims, often fueled by predatory law firms or vested interests.

One such case I have considered is the Philippines’ claim to Sabah, one of Malaysia’s 13 states located on the easternmost part of the island of Borneo. The Filipino claim to Sabah is as much a legacy of colonialism as it is rooted in false or misinterpreted historical evidence from Filipino claimants who are, in fact, one family and who claim to be descendants of a sultan born in present-day Malaysia five centuries ago.

The ethno-nationalist politics of the Filipino claim

The Filipino claim is essentially ethno-nationalist and has been used for many years by populist politicians to stir up voters’ emotions. The claim is also somewhat “personal”, although it’s hard to imagine it not being purely for pecuniary gain.

Nonetheless, the claim is rooted in the belief that Sabah “belongs” to the Philippine archipelago, which spans the Sulu Sea – a vast expanse of water that includes the southernmost islands of the Philippines and the coasts eastern Borneo. For the sake of brevity, we can include the Sulu Sea in a “Greater South China Sea”.

While successive Filipino political leaders have used the claim as ethno-nationalist leverage for their own political careers, its importance has faded over the years, as former President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has said that disputes over the area were a waste of time.

On November 12, 2017, Duterte stressed that territorial disputes in the Great South China Sea were best left untouched. In 2022, the issue has become somewhat irrelevant in Philippine electoral politics; Bongbong Marcos, son of Ferdinand Marcos – who served as president from December 1965 to February 1986 – was elected president in May 2022. That Sabah’s claim has become politically irrelevant has drawn a sigh of relief.

write in the Manila Time from the Philippines, Ei Sun Oh explained: “I was very happy to see that, unlike many previous rounds, in the last Philippine presidential election, the issue of Sabah was not so ostensibly presented as a nationalist cause by the various candidates in their efforts to get more votes. I hope that this positive trend, which bodes well for bilateral relations, will continue in the future.

There remain, however, politicians who – much like Donald Trump – would recklessly tweet about Filipino claims to Sabah. In 2020, former Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin criticized the United States Embassy in Manila for referring to Sabah as part of Malaysia. In a strident and slightly threatening retort, Locsin tweeted: “Sabah is not in Malaysia if you [presumably referring to the US] want to have anything to do with the Philippines.

Locsin’s snap at the US Embassy prompted Hishammuddin Hussein (Malaysian Foreign Minister at the time) to respond, “This is an irresponsible statement that affects bilateral relations…Sabah is and always will be part of from Malaysia.

Economic ties between the countries have been strained due to this historical claim, mostly by one family (more below) for the much of the last decadeas the FinancialTimes reported in 2013.

The historical file

You don’t need to have skin in the game to understand that Sabah is part of Malaysia, spread across a peninsula and Borneo, and that’s historically accurate, albeit immensely complicated, which for space reasons, cannot be fully unraveled. It’s a fairly easy part of the story, but it would be better if it weren’t translated. The Philippine claim is that Sabah is its territory because it was within the boundaries of the former Sultanate of Sulu – and the territory (Sabah) belonged to the Philippines.

This claim seems to contradict the fact that the sultanate was established in 1405 by Sharif ul-Hashim (real name registered as Sayyid Abu Bakr bin Abirin Al Hashmi) a real from present-day Malaysia. The sultanate included Sabah as well as many of the more than 7,000 islands in what we know today as the Great South China Sea.

More recently, historical records show that Sabah was leased to Brunei and then to the Sultan of Sulu by Baron Gustav von Overbeck (born in Germany in 1830 and died in London in 1894) around 1878.

The Philippines was still a Spanish colony at the time and had no rights over Sabah. Von Overbeck then sold his rights to Alfred Dent who founded the North Borneo Company which administered Sabah between 1882 and 1946 when Britain took control of Sabah. When the British left Malaysia (as it was then called), Sabah naturally became part of the Southeast Asian country.

This transition to Britain and then Malaysia is confirmed by records which show that the Sultanate of Sulu had indeed existed in the Sulu Archipelago for several centuries before its dismantling in 1915, when Sultan Jamal ul-Kiram resigned. . Harold C Conklin of Yale University translated reports which confirmed that in 1878 Jamal ul-Alam, then Sultan of Sulu, granted a “permanent lease covering his lands and territories in the island of Borneo”.

This question of historical ownership only gets more complicated and further weakens the Philippine case the further you delve into history. The claims are brought by the Kiram family, who took their case to European courts.

The case of the Sultan’s relatives

The fact that the basis of the Philippine claim is weak did not stop eight people who claimed to be descendants of the last officially recognized sultan of Sulu, Jamalul Kiram II, who ascended the throne at the age of 10 in 1894. The Kiram family continues to lay claim to the resource-rich state of Sabah. But they don’t seem to really want the territory, but access to the pecuniary gains from Sabah’s resources.

In their latest decision (in June 2022), the Kiram family’s lawyers in London served a notice of seizure of assets on two Luxembourg subsidiaries of the Malaysian national oil company Petronas (Petronas generates 11% of Malaysian government revenue) for enforce a $15 billion (R247-billion) arbitration award linked to a ‘colonial-era’ land deal.

It’s amazing. The Kiram family are being backed by a London law firm and funded by a British investment fund, Therium, in a lawsuit which, so far this month, has cost more than $10 million. The procedure has been described by legal experts as one of the most unusual international arbitration disputes in history.

While a French arbitral tribunal ordered Malaysia to pay the sum to descendants to settle the disputed colonial-era land deal, the Paris Court of Appeal had “suspended” the decision, after concluding that the execution of the sentence could affect the sovereignty of the country. The Kiram family have persisted and are trying to seize Malaysian government assets around the world to enforce the $14.9bn arbitration award they won against Malaysia – despite the case being temporarily halted by a French court, according to Reuters.

Learn more in Daily Maverick: “Global land ownership and dispossession offer lessons for South Africa

These financial claims by the Kiram family raised eyebrows because they did not include “property” in Malaysia’s poorest state, according to Rais Hussin of EMIR researchan independent think tank:

“What is most unique is the nature of the Kiram ‘family’ (first) legal salvo. Rather than reclaim Sabah, he targeted Malaysia’s most valuable asset: Petronas. If the legal claim is based on the Kiram family’s ownership of and Sabah, shouldn’t the case rest entirely and completely with the state? Yet, that was not the case. The Kiram family does not want the heavy responsibility of taking over one of the poorest states in the Federation of Malaysia.

In this case, the Philippine government has already insisted that the The Kiram family drop their claims. In February 2013, then-Philippine President Benigno Aquino threatened a clan leader with legal action if he failed to end an armed occupation of a fishing village in neighboring Malaysia.

“If you choose not to cooperate, the full force of state law will be used to obtain justice for all those who have been put in harm’s way,” Aquino said in a televised speech aimed specifically at the family and their supporters. .

Aquino warned Jamalul Kiram, the fictional head of the family, that he could be prosecuted for violating Philippine laws prohibiting provoking war or exposing Filipinos to reprisals, unless he directs his supporters in Sabah to withdraw. It should be noted that due to the Kiram family’s Malaysian background, Malaysia paid the family a stipend of around 5,000 ringgit (R18,600) per year.

So what can we get out of this very basic expense of what FinancialTimes described as one of the most unusual international arbitration disputes in history?

Well, the first is that the political claim is misleading because the first Sultan of Sulu was from Johor in what is now Malaysia. Second, Sabah was ceded to the present territory of Malaysia on the island of Borneo, and it became part of the 13 independent states of Malaysia when the British settlers left (along with Sarawak, also in Borneo).

Third, the Philippine government warned the Kiram family to cease its representations to Sabah, but the family continued to pursue their claims, sometimes “with deadly results”. Fourth, the Kiram family is obviously ‘funded’ by a British investment fund, Therium, and is primarily looking for financial gain, instead of ‘one of the poorest states in the Federation of Malaysia’.

Finally, the persistent claims of the Kiram family threaten regional stability, as warned by former Philippine President Aquino. DM

Ismail Lagardien is currently visiting Southeast Asia and studying the region’s geo-economic and strategic issues.

AP News Summary at 7:16 a.m. EDT | app Fri, 29 Jul 2022 11:16:28 +0000 Russia and Ukraine take responsibility for the bombing of a prison for prisoners of war KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of bombing a prison in a breakaway eastern region that allegedly killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war captured after the fall of Mariupol in May. Russian-backed separatists said […]]]>

Russia and Ukraine take responsibility for the bombing of a prison for prisoners of war

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of bombing a prison in a breakaway eastern region that allegedly killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war captured after the fall of Mariupol in May. Russian-backed separatists said at least 53 Ukrainian POWs died on Friday. The Ukrainian military has accused Russian forces of deliberately bombing Olenivka prison in order to accuse Ukraine of war crimes and also to cover up torture and executions there. Neither claim could be independently verified.

Zelenskyy observes ships loaded with Ukrainian grain exports

ODESA, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy traveled to the Odessa region to observe the loading of grain as exports prepare to resume for the first time since the Russian invasion began. Zelenskyy observed a Turkish ship loaded with grain. He said the export of grain will start with the departure of several ships that were already loaded but could not leave Ukrainian ports.

Flooding in central Appalachia kills at least 8 people in Kentucky

JACKSON, Ky. (AP) — Heavy rains have caused flash flooding and landslides as storms batter parts of central Appalachia. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said Thursday that at least eight people had died from flooding in the state. He says the property damage was massive, with hundreds of people losing their homes. Aquatic rescues continue across the region. In Perry County, eastern Kentucky, the director of emergency management called the damage “catastrophic.” The town of Hazard, Ky., is urging people to “pray for a break in the rain.” Another round of rainfall is looming in the region already hammered by days of torrential rain.

China’s Xi warns Biden against Taiwan, urges cooperation

BEIJING (AP) — President Xi Jinping warned against interfering in China’s relations with Taiwan during a phone call with his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden. The call gave no indication of progress on trade, technology or other irritants. These include Beijing’s opposition to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to the island the mainland claims as its own. The ruling Communist Party says Taiwan has no right to conduct foreign relations. There is no indication that Xi mentioned Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan. But Xi rejected “interference from outside forces” that could encourage Taiwan to try to make its decades-old de facto independence permanent.

Complication of isolation? The United States finds it difficult to avoid Russia

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration likes to say that Russia is now internationally isolated because of its invasion of Ukraine. Yet its top officials are hardly cloistered in the Kremlin, and now the United States wants to talk. President Vladimir Putin recently met with world leaders, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose country is a member of NATO. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov tours the world and poses for photos with foreign leaders. This week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he wanted to end months of high-level US diplomatic estrangement with Lavrov to discuss the release of US detainees in Russia as well as Ukraine-related issues. .

A basement conversation and a virtual handshake led to a Manchin-Schumer deal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin have battled for more than a year over President Joe Biden’s grand plan to rebuild America. But the talks had stalled – again. As the midterm elections approached, with control of Congress at stake, the president and his party were at their wit’s end. Tempers flared. Manchin has also faced pressure and been publicly attacked for single-handedly supporting Biden’s agenda. Schumer and Manchin met once more, 10 days ago, in a Capitol basement. A new offer was on the table: the $739 billion package was now heading for votes in Congress. Here’s how it happened.

Abortion haters downplay complex post-Roe v. wade

WASHINGTON (AP) — In statements and television interviews, abortion advocates have played down the fallout from restrictive abortion laws. Abortion advocates have spouted misleading rhetoric about abortion access as doctors struggle to interpret laws that have largely been untested in court and deny care to pregnant patients . Abortion haters recently claimed without examining the medical records of a 10-year-old Ohio girl that she could have legally obtained an abortion in the state, which is virtually banned. total abortion that only exempts mothers whose life or major bodily functions are at risk once fetal heart activity is detected.

Inflation hits a record 8.9% in the euro zone, but the economy is improving

LONDON (AP) — Inflation in European countries using the euro hit a new high in July, pushed by rising energy prices due in part to the war in Ukraine. But the economy still managed better-than-expected, albeit weak, growth in the second quarter. The European Union’s statistics agency said on Friday that annual inflation in the 19 eurozone countries reached 8.9% in July, from 8.6% in June. Inflation is at its highest level since 1997, when the registration of the euro began. The economy grew from April to June, growing 0.7% from the previous quarter. Economists expect this to be the last glimmer of good news and the region to tip into recession later this year.

Women’s football boosts England into a league of their own

LONDON (AP) — Izzy Short, 13, struggles to choose her favorite England player as she anticipates the team’s appearance in Sunday’s final of the European Soccer Championships. There’s striker Ellen White, defender Lucy Bronze, midfielder Georgia Stanway, captain Leah Williamson. Basically the whole team. The high school player says she admires them and how positive they are. The march to the final against Germany energized people across England, with the team’s pinpoint passing and flashy goals drawing record crowds, soaring ratings and adoring media coverage. The team has been a welcome distraction from the political turmoil and cost-of-living crisis that dominate the headlines when they’re not playing.

The drawing is approaching the $1.1 billion Mega Millions jackpot

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A $1.1 billion lottery prize will be up for grabs when the numbers for the Mega Millions game are drawn. The giant jackpot is the third-largest prize in the country and is the result of 29 consecutive draws with no one matching all six numbers in the game. Before you rush out to spend $2 on a ticket ahead of Friday night’s draw, keep in mind Keep in mind that the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.5 million. The $1.1 billion prize is for players who obtain their winnings through an annuity, paid annually over 29 years. Almost all of the winners take the cash option, which for Friday’s draw is estimated at $648.2 million.

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15 Best Matching Sets for 2022 Mon, 25 Jul 2022 18:53:13 +0000 Getty Matching sets are perfect for then many reasons. To begin with, tThey require minimal brain power while offering maximum style points. Seriously, something about a matching top and bottom set makes it look like you got your shit together, even if it took you about three seconds to put it on. Also, here’s a […]]]>


Matching sets are perfect for then many reasons. To begin with, tThey require minimal brain power while offering maximum style points. Seriously, something about a matching top and bottom set makes it look like you got your shit together, even if it took you about three seconds to put it on. Also, here’s a sweet reminder that matching sets are not the same thing as monochrome sets. Unlike a monochromatic look, you can mix and match as many patterns, colors and textures as you want with a matching set, as long as you stay consistent from top to bottom.

Besides the effortless factor, you’ll love being able to wear these fashion-forward looks for just about any function. Go have a drink ? Brunch? Work? Supermarket? Take this matching set, bb; it will perfectly fit the scene, no matter the mood and setting. Because, with the exception of dresses, matching sets can range from workout gear to evening wear. There’s even more versatility to love: once you’ve purchased a matching top and bottom set, you can (and should!) mix and match to create a variety of looks.

So go ahead and get this leopard print bralette, button down shirt and shorts together because when you don’t wear these matching pieces at the same time, you can create 20 outfits out of these three pieces. Without further ado, check out 15 of our favorite matching sets that will totally change your wardrobe game.

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This groovy pair

Zara printed ribbed flared trousers

I live for this groovy set! This pattern has a psychedelic effect that will have all eyes on you as you strut down the street.

The romper and blazer look

Laws of Movement The Moxie Romper

A romper and blazer combo makes a flawless matching ensemble. Laws of Motion can actually scan your body (virtually, from the comfort of your own home!) and custom create beautiful pieces like these that will fit you perfectly.

This colorful option

WMNS Wear Quinn Galaxy Mini Skirt

For the first time in what seems like forever, it’s not a certain color that’s “the new black” (okay, so hot pink has its moment, but I digress). Instead, the new LBD alternative carries a band of different colors of the rainbow in a dream cut. This look demonstrates it perfectly.

Bright pink set

11 Honored The Metta Shirt

Go bold in a juicy shade of fuchsia! The cropped shirt and wide-leg pants in this set are also great pieces to wear individually: simply team the top with jeans, while the bottom will be done with a simple white tank top.

The subtly sexy approach

Set La Femme Aperitif Navy Jacquard

This gorgeous navy blue set is actually sold as a set to make it even easier to get the perfect fit. The rich color and satin texture are just sophisticated AF. Slip it on for a night out, whenever you want to offer just a hint of seduction.

This minty beauty

Frankie Shop Lui Organic Cotton Shorts

Loungewear so cute you can legitimately wear it outside the home? (And not loungewear like leggings or other things that are naturally easy to wear in public.) Yes, please. This boxer and button down combo, in the tastiest shade of pastel green, is totally on point in style and super comfy, thanks to the breathable cotton and stretchy elastic waistband. Oh, and there are other great shades too.

The Flower Power Suit

Linen mango blazer suit

The flared pants give this gorgeous floral suit a super elongated effect. I would wear this sleek set with my hair tied back, for a really sleek look from head to toe.

This Showstopper

Amalie The Label Amabel Two Piece Linen Crop Top and Midi Skirt

This outfit is so cute that it deserves some sort of award or something. Besides its aesthetic appeal, you’ll love that the set is sold together, so you can look like a penny without spending too many pennies.

This Breezy Set

Hilary MacMillan Seersucker Crop Top

Opt for a breezy ensemble that’s ideal for cooler summer days and the transitional times of early fall. The crop top with sleeves matches perfectly with these chic paper belt pants. Slip into white heels and a trendy hat to recreate the complete look.

This retro-chic look

Fanm My Mugla Skirt Serves

This adorable linen set gives a sweet cherry pie vibe. We love the high waisted flared skirt, especially when worn with the matching puff sleeve crop top. Wear it on your next brunch outing and get ready to receive lots of compliments!

This holiday must-have

Majorelle Destiny Mini Skirt

Do you have a special event coming up? Maybe a fancy birthday din on your next vacation, or maybe a big birthday bash on the calendar? Trust me: you’re going to want to show up in this set, which features figure-hugging gathers and flirty sleeve detailing.

This sunny but sultry look

Michael Costello x Revolve Amira Midi Skirt

Look, you can never go wrong with a midi skirt and bra top combo! I especially like the unique asymmetrical straps. This stylish duo also comes in green and black, but this bright yellow hue really stands out.

This set of velvet

Embi Studios Venom Set

Okay, this tie-dye velvet set is for everything the cool girls in the neighborhood. It is comfortable, stylish and completely suitable for indoor and outdoor wear.

The all white look

Showpo Jerah Bralette and Shirt Two Piece Set

What can I say ? I’m a sucker for an all white look. While an angelic head-to-toe outfit is relatively easy to pull off à la carte, since you already have at least a few white pieces in your closet, this bralette and button-up duo comes together, which will make dressing up even easier. hot days.

This suede set

WMNS Wear Zuri Olive Suede Asymmetric Two Piece Set

The edgy short and top silhouettes that make up this faux suede set are stunning and unexpected. Also, don’t miss the lace-up details on the back of the top!

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5 Scariest Things Not Shown On HBO’s Series Sat, 23 Jul 2022 23:30:00 +0000 Fans can finally immerse themselves in the world of Westeros again with the next Dragon House prequel on HBO streaming services next month. A good time to witness the Targaryen dynasty at its peak before its inevitable decline. RELATED: Board Games To Play If You Like Game Of Thrones Long duration OBTAINED fans will be […]]]>

Fans can finally immerse themselves in the world of Westeros again with the next Dragon House prequel on HBO streaming services next month. A good time to witness the Targaryen dynasty at its peak before its inevitable decline.

RELATED: Board Games To Play If You Like Game Of Thrones

Long duration OBTAINED fans will be eager to watch the cinematic showdown between the Black and Green Civil War factions known as the Dance of Dragons. Whereas game of thrones and Dragon House have and will demonstrate impressive and fearsome creatures, there are things of A song of ice and fire which are decidedly more terrifying. For unknown reasons, these individuals, creatures and horrors were not featured in game of thrones, and maybe it was for the best…

5 Euron Greyjoy

Although Euron made an appearance in game of thrones, some fans of the books noticed that her character arc and personality were toned down. While most avid viewers of the show regard Joffrey or Ramsay as horrific characters, they pale in comparison next to Euron in the books. Euron was responsible for the death of 2 of his brothers and the rape of 2 other brothers in his youth. He knowingly forced himself on another brother’s wife, knowing that the laws of the land would compel his brother to kill said wife for “adultery”. The guy even cut out the tongues of all his crew members, to match the name of his ship – Silence.

RELATED: House Of The Dragon: Things It Should Do Differently From Game Of Thrones

While Joffrey is a cruel job and Ramsay brutally terrorizes others into submission, Euron is certainly more capable than Joffrey and his ambition goes far beyond Ramsay’s. Euron wants to become king and is willing to earn that title through dark magic, as evidenced by the item he acquired (the Dragonbinder) which he plans to use to control the dragons of Danaery. Euron will murder, terrorize, torture and destroy everything to achieve his ends. While other characters in the series exhibit similar traits, they were either unable to perform it in its entirety or had redeeming qualities. Euron, on the other hand, has no redeeming qualities and is fully capable of carrying out his plan for world domination.

4 Lady Heart of Stone

Although she did not make an appearance in game of thrones, Lady Stoneheart is a revived Catelyn Stark without all the qualities of empathy and love. After Catelyn died alongside her son and many Stark loyalists, her body was dumped in a nearby river. The Brotherhood Without Banners eventually stumble upon the corpse, which ultimately leads Berric Dondarrion to lay down his life to resurrect his own, as he was once a loyal servant of Ned Stark.

Catelyn, now Lady Stoneheart rises from the grave and eventually leads the Brotherhood. Her only mission is to get revenge on those who murdered her son at the Red Wedding and she has her men hunt down and slaughter anyone associated with the Lannisters, Freys and Boltons, young boys or not. Looking more like a zombie or even a revenant, Lady Stoneheart’s milky white appearance and deep wounds remain, making her a terrifying sight to anyone in her presence.

3 ice spiders

Ice spiders were legendary creatures said to have been mounts and beasts of the White Walkers and were often mentioned in historical accounts and fables. Rumored to be the size of a dog or larger, they appeared in Westeros during the Long Night, which ended with the defeat of the Night King and the creation of the Wall, the Night’s Watch and the beginnings of House Stark.

RELATED: Telltale Games Must Return to Westeros

The idea of ​​giant spiders as mounts was seared into the imaginations of the people of Westeros. An example is Sam who remembered the spiders during the retreat from the First Men’s Fist Battle. Perhaps these creatures were best just mentioned and not depicted at all, as they would have been a frightening sight to behold.

2 The Horrors of Valyria

Many fans know part of the story of Game of thrones. The Doom of Valyria is something that has been referenced and alluded to many times in the books and on the TV show. While it’s unclear which specific entities are stalking the ruins of Valyria, the stories, missing persons, and survivor tales still send chills down your spine. However, none are as outlandish as in the case of Aerie Targaryen.

A great-granddaughter of Aegon I Targaryen, Aerie Targaryen who was trapped on Dragonstone which she found cold and stagnant, escaped on the back of Balerion the Black Dread. After being missing for a year, she and Balerion returned to King’s Landing but she was gravely ill and emaciated. Septon Barth, who cared for Aerie, noted in his private diary that Aerie’s fever was so severe that her skin began to resemble pig crackles. This smoke came out of his nose, mouth and nether regions. The Septon even mentioned that swellings were moving under the princess’s skin. That when the princess was lowered into an ice bath, “unspeakable slimy things that made horrible sounds” emerged from under her skin. Luckily things died as they were “creatures of fire and heat”.

Although unsure of the specifics, Barth believed Balerion had taken Aerie to Valyria as he was the only living creature that had known of Valyria before the disaster struck. He believed that Balerion had returned home and these cursed creatures were attacking the princess then. The tale so terrified the Septon and the king that King Jahaerys had Balerion imprisoned in the dragon pit. He also decreed that any Westerosi who visited Valyria would be put to death upon their return.

1 Everything in Sothyros

Sothyros is a large continent located south of Essos and east of the Summer Islands. Known for its jungles and mystery, it’s one of the few places in the world that remains unexplored, and for good reason. The northern regions of the continent are littered with ruined cities while the south remains an enigma.

What is terrifying is that this region is very inhospitable for foreigners. The continent is teeming with strange people known for their cannibalistic ways and dark rituals. The earth is also a breeding ground for terrifying creatures, including large vampire bats, carnivorous fish that enjoy the taste of human flesh, and insects that lay their eggs under the skin. If that doesn’t scare anyone enough, the continent is a haven for horrific and deadly diseases that may not kill instantly but cause immense suffering. Nothing like a continent trying its best to kill someone.

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The BLU Porthmeor Longboard Classic 2022 Fri, 22 Jul 2022 10:44:37 +0000 With the Single End tapering to the pointy end and the brave and daring cast roadside by the bucket load, it was left to Elliot Dudley, Sam Bleakley, last year’s winner Mike Lay and Sam Crookshanks to fight for the final honours. In a desperately close final between himself and Elliot, Mike found one of […]]]>

With the Single End tapering to the pointy end and the brave and daring cast roadside by the bucket load, it was left to Elliot Dudley, Sam Bleakley, last year’s winner Mike Lay and Sam Crookshanks to fight for the final honours. In a desperately close final between himself and Elliot, Mike found one of the weekend’s most maneuver-filled waves to put the result beyond doubt.
Masters time. This is another division which, and with no disrespect to the surfers who came before it, will become very interesting in the next few years now that Chris Thomson and Sam Bleakley have arrived as the first wave of excellent Open surfers approaching big four-oh. Sam launched his stand early in the semis with a crushing 13.17, nearly doubling the score of every other surfer on the tour. Fate, however, has an interesting way of intervening in debates, and as the old saying goes “comes the hour, comes the man”. The man in question being Chris Thomson, and the result being a 0.16 win over Sam to claim the overall Masters title after two events. Solid stuff from Chris, and it gives him the chance to put a gold leaf-covered cherry on the cake at Fistral in the fall.

To top it all off, and in a veritable race to the death between contest and tide, the Men’s Open final saw the Sam Bleakley prevail in style over Elliot Dudley, Ben Howey and a little wave-weary (and sunburned) is looking for Mike Lay to give him a 1-2-3 finish throughout the weekend. Given how many waves he rode in 3 divisions, I’m slightly puzzled by Sam’s fitness. I suspect he raced home in Gwenver and went for another 3 hour session….

Fantastic support as always from our wonderful sponsors – Tregenna Castle, St Ives BID and O&E, and a big thank you to Saints Boardriders for welcoming us into their amazing clubhouse and feeding and watering the judges and the support staff. A huge shout out also to the off-duty lifeguards who gave their all to keep the crowds of holidaymakers out of the competition area – a difficult and much appreciated task.
Special thanks from me and video jockey Chris Levi to Ben Hartley (@benhartley8) and Nathan Benham (@dawnpatrolphotography) for the additional media coverage, water shooting and drone work. Legends, the pair of you.

We look forward to doing it all again – hopefully with a bit more swell – at The Stable, Fistral Longboard Classic later in the year. Thanks again, Porthmeor. You were a real sweetheart.


Men’s Open: 1st Sam Bleakley, 2nd Elliot Dudley, 3rd Ben Howey, 4th Mike Lay

Women’s Open: 1st Emily Currie, 2nd Izzy Henshall, 3rd Lola Bleakley, 4th Mali Harbor

Masters: 1st Chris Thomson, 2nd Sam Bleakley, 3rd Adam Chell, 4th Colin Bright
Grandmasters: 1st Alan Reed, 2nd Adam Chell, 3rd Colin Bright, 4th Nick Lethbridge

Cadets U16: 1st Kaz Phillips, 2nd Sylvie Puddiphatt, 3rd Ted Pearson, 4th Lola Bleakley

Girls U18: 1st Lola Bleakley, 2nd Sylvie Puddiphatt, 3rd Mali Harbor

Boys U18: 1st Ted Pearson, 2nd Blake Jones, 3rd Tobias Gwennap, 4th Joel Mew

Single drift: 1st Mike Lay, 2nd Elliot Dudley, 3rd Sam Bleakley, 4th Samuel Crookshanks

The Regulatory Implications of India’s Crypto Transaction Tax Sun, 17 Jul 2022 22:27:00 +0000 India’s crypto landscape lost momentum this year when the government introduced two laws requiring crippling taxes on unrealized crypto-related gains and transactions. India’s first crypto law, which requires its citizens to pay a 30% tax on unrealized crypto gains, went into effect on April 1. A stir within the Indian crypto community ensued as investors […]]]>

India’s crypto landscape lost momentum this year when the government introduced two laws requiring crippling taxes on unrealized crypto-related gains and transactions.

India’s first crypto law, which requires its citizens to pay a 30% tax on unrealized crypto gains, went into effect on April 1. A stir within the Indian crypto community ensued as investors and entrepreneurs tried to decipher the impact of the wave announcement or no success.

Knowing that India’s second crypto law – a 1% withholding tax deduction (TDS) on every transaction – would result in an even greater impact on trading activities, many Indian crypto entrepreneurs considered moving their foundations to more user-friendly jurisdictions.

Following the imposition of additional taxes, Indian crypto exchanges reported a massive drop in trading volumes. Data from CoinGecko confirmed that trading volumes on Indian crypto exchanges are down 56.8% on average as investors eye offshore exchanges to cut their losses on ruthless taxes.

However, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has previously acknowledged the resulting backlash and revealed his intention to reconsider the crypto-related tax amendments after careful consideration.

On-the-ground impact of crypto regulations in India

Just days after the implementation of India’s infamous crypto laws, crypto exchanges in the region reported a massive drop in trading volumes. Nihal Armaan, a small crypto investor from India, told Cointelegraph that taxation is no deterrent when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Instead, he likened the imposition of a flat 1% tax to a means of capital blocking, a feature used by companies to prevent investors from withdrawing their funds, adding that “TDS is not not the issue, the amount of TDS is – because that obviously reduces the number of transactions a person can make with their capital at hand.

The North Block of the Central Secretariat, the Residence of the Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, New Delhi. Source: Edmond Gall.

Kashif Raza, founder of crypto education startup Bitinning, told Cointelegraph that implementing TDS is a good first step in securing the crypto industry in India. While Raza added that investors like him who trade less might not feel the repercussions of such a law, he acknowledged that “the amount of TDS is a matter of debate because many traders active in the cryptography were impacted by this decision.”

Contrary to popular belief of trade downturns, Om Malviya, chairman of Tezos India, told Cointelegraph that he envisions little to no disruption for long-term investors. Instead, he expects pro-crypto reforms in current laws over the next three to five years. While waiting for more tax-friendly reforms, he advised investors to gain a deeper understanding of the technology, adding, “Even users in small towns will be forced to study cryptocurrency, study the team and the technology and the fundamentals behind it, and then to make any investment or trading decision.

Rajagopal Menon, VP of crypto exchange WazirX, told Cointelegraph that despite declining trading volumes, the exchange continues to focus on complying with new tax rules and adhering to standards set by regulators. locals, adding, “TDS won’t affect serious crypto investors, aka hodlers, because they have a long-term horizon in mind. In 2021, the exchange saw over 700% growth in signups from small towns such as Guwahati, Karnal and Bareilly.

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However, Anshul Dhir, COO and co-founder of EasyFi Network – a layer 2 decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol – told Cointelegraph that unless the Indian government introduces more friendly with prolonged tax exposure, passionate investors can join crypto entrepreneurs in the exodus away from India.

Taxes on cryptos and the creation of long-term holders

As crypto trading volume has seen a drastic reduction on Indian exchanges, this indicates investors’ willingness to hold on to their assets until pro-crypto regulations kick in.

In order to ensure profitable trades, Indian investors speaking to Cointelegraph revealed that they are waiting for a bull market to sell some of their holdings for profit. Agreeing with this change in the current mindset of investors, Malviya added that “if you want to pay this amount of high taxes, you have to be really sure that your investment will be worth more than what you are worth more than today. ‘today’.

Armaan reiterated that the TDS itself is not a deterrent to crypto traders, but “the 30% tax on profits with no ability to offset losses is severe and discourages any new trader even from trying to trade in the cryptocurrency industry”. Even though many Indians have welcomed the tax regime as it lends a sense of legitimacy to the crypto industry in the country, Dhir believes that “the tax rate is a deciding factor and will entice many potential investors to hold their investments in the virtual. digital assets.

On this front, Menon warned investors against trying to find loopholes in the law using foreign exchanges, peer-to-peer sites and decentralized exchanges. Regardless of the platforms used, all Indian citizens are liable for TDS; failure to do so will result in non-compliance with the country’s existing tax laws.

The slowdown in trading volumes has been accompanied by a drop in liquidity, which has also impacted the global liquidity of the overall crypto ecosystem.

India’s interaction with CBDCs

Central banks around the world seem to have unanimously agreed to experiment with or launch their own versions of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). India, on this front, is expected to introduce a digital rupee by 2022-2023. According to the country’s finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, it should give a “big boost” to the digital economy.

While CBDCs fundamentally differ from how cryptocurrencies work, governments are in a race to create a fiat-based system that incorporates the best features offered by the crypto ecosystem. Raza added that an Indian rupee-backed CBDC “will contribute to faster and cheaper inbound remittances and global payments,” but doubts its acceptance as a store of value by retail.

As Malviya pointed out, CBDCs are well-suited to address use cases that require immediate issuance of funds, adding, “but that won’t essentially negate the case for cryptocurrencies.” Dhir, however, believes that CBDCs will complement the digital asset industry, especially DeFi projects. Moreover, India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India, must formulate policies conducive to innovation and growth and highlight the positive aspects of emerging technology to the general public.

For many, Indian crypto taxes appear to be a proactive measure to discourage trade. Still, speaking from an investor’s perspective, Armaan argued that the government had done its best to explain the tax structure with the information it had.

The waiting game

More favorable tax reforms are a waiting game for Indian entrepreneurs and inventors, but both communities must comply while preparing for greener pastures. For investors, this means learning about the ecosystem and trading best practices. Armaan’s approach in the current scenario is to have a low allocation and a systematic investment plan approach to investing.

Besides being mindful of market developments, Dhir advises the community to engage with the government on a personal basis with a positive mindset and not indulge in adversarial banter on social media. “New use cases, new projects and new products are only going to come out and this space is only going to get bigger. So whether you want to part ways or not, you have to do your own research and you have to commit added Malviya.

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Menon recommended that entrepreneurs continue to engage with the government in the hope that it will one day change its policies. “At the same time, all developments must also be shared with the government, so that they are aware of the innovation that is happening in this space by the talent at home; this can have an overall positive impact on the industry as a whole,” Raza added.

Additionally, Malviya said that entrepreneurs need to commit to the cause as they strive to create solutions for a growing number of use cases, adding that “you don’t necessarily have to focus on the exit from India; I think the first focus should be the problem you’re trying to solve. »

In the meantime, investors are hoping that constructive frameworks around cryptocurrencies will help remove bad actors from the equation.