Bellarmine Adds ‘Sprint Football’ For Players Under 178 Pounds, From 2022 | Sports


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The University of Bellarmine announced Monday that it will be a founding member of the new Midwest Sprint Football League (MSFL) which begins playing in the fall of 2022.

Speed ​​football is a non-NCAA sport that adheres to the same rules as regular football with the one exception being a weight limit of 178 pounds (183 pounds with extra measures). The weight limitation is designed to make the game both faster and safer.

Although not an NCAA sport, the new sprint soccer team will operate under the aegis of the Bellarmine Track and Field Department. Bellarmine’s plans for the sport include hiring a full-time head coach in the near future and recruiting a team of 40 to 50 players to start playing next fall. Bellarmine hopes to expand the roster to 80 players as the sport continues to grow.

Bellarmine will use its Newburg Sports Park at 3408 Newburg Road (about two miles south of the main campus) for training, with venues to be determined.

“I think the addition of speed football will allow local and regional football players to continue playing the sport they love and receive a great education in Bellarmine,” said Bellarmine sports director Scott Wiegandt . “Home games will be another gathering point for the community on our campus to support their classmates. As we continue on our way and strategically develop as a department, this addition is another step towards realizing the mission of Bellarmine University.

Speed ​​football evolved on the East Coast with teams such as the University of Pennsylvania, the Army, and the Navy helping to launch the sport in 1934.

In its current form, it is organized under the leadership of the nine-member Collegiate Sprint Football League (CSFL), which consists of teams from the eastern United States The addition of the separate Midwest Sprint Football League , with its own rules and championships, will represent the sport’s largest single-year expansion in nearly 90 years. Calumet College of St. Joseph (Ind.), University of Fontbonne (Mo.), Midway University (Ky.), Quincy University (Illinois) and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College ( Indiana.).

“Sprint football will be new to some fans in the Midwest and Upper South, but it won’t be long before our part of the country gets excited about sprint football,” said Nancy Blattner, Ph.D., president of the University of Fontbonne. and founding chairman of the MSFL board of governors. “Sprint offers a distinctive and fast approach to playing football at the highest level. Our six member institutions are working together to provide new opportunities for student-athletes, which will take football in our four-state region in a different and inspiring direction. “

Bellarmine Senior Vice President Sean Ryan said the addition of speed football will help the university meet the goals set out in the university’s long-term strategic plan. “A stand-alone program (sprint football) makes sense for Bellarmine,” he said. “This deepens our relationships in key target areas for admissions, including local markets, the South and the Midwest. The increased exposure and coverage that comes with joining this league will allow us to familiarize many more potential students with the benefits of pursuing a liberal arts education at Bellarmine.

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