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Japanese voice actress Ai Kayano has been embroiled in a controversy on Chinese social media after revealing that she recently visited the Yasukuni Shrine.

The controversy arose after Kayano said on a February 11 broadcast that she had recently visited the Yasukuni Shrine and considered the visit “comfortable” and the air there was cool.

The shrine lists the names, origins, dates of birth and places of death of 2,466,532 men, women, children and various pets. Among these are 1,068 convicted war criminals, 14 of whom are Class A (convicted of having been involved in the planning, preparation, initiation or conduct of war). This has led to a lot of controversy around the shrine. The consecration is not exclusive to people of Japanese descent. Yasukuni Shrine enshrined 27,863 Taiwanese and 21,181 Koreans.

There may not be any Chinese in this shrine, but China was occupied by Japan for 8 years, from 1937 to 1945. Look for the Nanjing Massacre to get a glimpse of the gruesome murders committed.

This article summarizes the history of Yasukuni Shrine from different perspectives.

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Basically, Japan had committed many war crimes during WWII. Even my own country, Singapore, has been occupied for 3 years. My grandparents had tried to flee China to avoid the war, but they still ended up suffering during the war.

Unlike Germany which acknowledged and apologized for the atrocities of WWII, Japan did not. This is the reason for such intense reactions in the Chinese community. But it is really too much.

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