An orderly layout can help stimulate the development of NEV

A driver charges an electric vehicle at a station in Taizhou, Jiangsu province in January. [Photo by TANG DEHONG/FOR CHINA DAILY]

The National Development and Reform Commission said on Monday that it will further study and improve the policy system for new energy vehicles, create a conducive policy environment for the development of NEVs, accelerate the breakthrough of key system components and technologies. core generics of NEVs, and continue to improve the core competitiveness of the whole industry chain.

From January to August this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 3.97 million and 3.86 million respectively, an increase of 1.2 times and 1.1 times over the same period. last year. The country exported 340,000 NEVs at the same time, up 97.4 percent year-on-year. And NEV sales account for 22.9% of all car sales in China, where more than 10 million NEVs are on the road.

It is fair to say that China has established a relatively comprehensive industrial support system, and the level of key technologies has improved significantly. In particular, the global battery industry chain advantages have been enhanced.

However, the disorderly competition among Chinese NEV manufacturers is a big problem that hinders the upgrading of the industry. In recent years, hundreds of NEV brands have emerged in China through blind investment. Most companies will be wiped out, but neither the market nor the government can predict which ones. Therefore, the disorderly competition at the start and the waste of some resources may be the inevitable cost of trial and error for the development of industry, and also the source of industrial vitality.

Now China must enter the high-quality development stage of disorderly competition. It is necessary to encourage industries and enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, accelerate the breakthrough of key system components and core generic technologies of new energy vehicles, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the entire industrial chain. Companies should avoid placing too much emphasis on domestic marketing and market share, and they should not ignore the fierce international technology competition.

Meanwhile, the country should take the initiative to optimize the layout of the new energy vehicle industry. There should be an industrial model with reasonable layout, orderly development and efficient operation.

In addition, the country should leverage its strengths to encourage a higher level of international cooperation in the industry and strive to build global brands to lay a solid foundation for surviving international competition.


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