All teams participating in the VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters (so far)

Of the twelve teams that will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to the Masters Stage 2 tournament of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022, eleven are registered. With only one other remaining, here’s who’s come this far around the world, and who might be the last to get there. Stage 2 Masters is not only another big international tournament for champions later this year, but also brings VCT players to a LAN with an international crowd for the first time. We have a few returning teams from the Stage 1 Masters, including the reigning champions themselves, but we also have plenty of new teams looking to make their mark internationally.

The teams leaving for the Masters Stage 2

Here are all the teams (so far) heading to Copenhagen for Stage 2 Masters.

  • optical game
  • XSET
  • fnatic
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Guild Esports
  • Rex paper
  • XRD
  • Nordeption
  • Leviatan

There is only one place left, which rests between one of the two teams. Who gets that final spot is between the second-place teams in the Latin America and Brazil regions; this time around, those two teams are KRÜ Esports and Ninjas in Pajamas. They will face off at noon EST on June 30 for the final spot in the Stage 2 Masters.

VCT North America brings in a new competitor

Begin, Masters Stage 1 champions OpTic Gaming are back, looking to win back-to-back Masters tournaments. Their path to the Stage 2 Masters wasn’t easy, but finishing top of their group and going through the top bracket earned them quick qualification for the Stage 2 Masters and Champions later this year. year. However, like the Stage 1 Masters, they do not arrive in an international LAN as the first seed in their region.

NA’s first seed is XSET, a team known both for their consistency but also for missing out on international competitions in recent years. This time around, a lot of the teams they lost to in Stage 1 weren’t even in the playoffs. And, just like The Guard in Stage 1, they defeated OpTic Gaming to secure the top spot in NA. Now they have the opportunity to prove themselves in Copenhagen after breaking through the bottom bracket and defeating OpTic.

VCT Europe, Middle East and Africa Brings Back Powers

As for EMEA, their teams had some issues during the Stage 1 Masters due to COVID and other significant issues. Although not the first seed, as at the Stage 1 Masters, FunPlus Phoenix is ​​back and will play internationally against the best in the world. Although they missed Stage 1 Masters, they didn’t take this issue seriously and simply fought their way through the bottom bracket to secure the second seed.

The first seed in the EMEA region is Fnatic, another team that had to trade some players for the Stage 1 masters. Even with big roster changes, their team is nothing but a powerhouse before Stage 2 Masters. Undefeated in both qualifying and the playoffs, they have made a statement and hope to prove their worth in Copenhagen.

Finally, Guild Esports completes the region with an excellent track record in qualifying and playoffs. They beat other top teams such as Acend, M3 Champions and Team Liquid to reach the Stage 2 Masters, and will join Fnatic and FPX in Denmark.

VCT Asia-Pacific brings in some familiar faces

In the APAC region, the same two teams that made it to the 2022 Stage 1 Masters are back for Stage 2. Paper Rex and XERXIA are the first and second seeds respectively in their region.

VCT Korea remains the region of DRX

Not surprisingly to fans around the world, DRX is back to represent Korea. Even with all the new competition in the Korean region, DRX remains the best team and for good reason.

VCT Japan brings a new team to the Masters

From a region that seemed to belong to ZETA DIVISION after their recent third place at the Stage 1 Masters, we have a new team representing Japan; Northeption goes to Copenhagen. With just one spot for Japan, that team missed out in 2021, finishing second in the APAC LCQ. Although their form may have declined in Stage 1 this year, they bounced back to Stage 2.

This time around they beat ZETA DIVISION 3-1 after losing to them 2-0 in the top bracket final.

VCT Latin America brings a new challenger

LATAM has primarily been a two-team region, with KRÜ Esports and Leviatán battling for their regional spot. Whoever lost would then face the second place team in Brazil for their second shot, and usually it was KRÜ who won their region.

This time, Leviatán overcame the hump and will represent LATAM in Copenhagen.

VCT Brazil shows how powerful LOUD still is

The second-place team in the world from the 2022 Stage 1 Masters returns to the Stage 2 Masters. LOUD once again achieved a perfect stage, their second in a row before an international competition.

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