5 Position Battles to Watch Before Fall Camp

Michigan’s football season is less than 50 days away and here are five positional battles to watch as the Wolverines begin fall camp.

Michigan’s first football game is less than 50 days away and the first fall camp practices are even closer than that.

The Wolverines will take to the field to prepare for the defense of their Big Ten Championship in the first week of August and that’s when we’ll start to see what this team is all about.

Of course, the media has almost no access to Michigan football practices, so I wouldn’t expect detailed accounts of the competition between Cade McNamara and JJ McCarthy.

But that will be what everyone will follow. It’ll be a fascinating battle, but it’s not the only position up for grabs before fall camp.

So we break down the top five positional battles heading into August for Michigan football and start with the most important position of the game.


This is the positional battle every Michigan football fan wants to talk about. Some fans are pro-Cade and some are pro-McCarthy. I am pro-winner.

I predicted that McCarthy will eventually take the starting job this season and I’m sticking to that, but I also said I don’t see McNamara giving up easily and he’ll be under center during the week. 1.

McCarthy also had to take a break from shooting in the spring due to a shoulder injury so the Wolverines wouldn’t want to rush him. The non-conference schedule isn’t terribly difficult and McNamara should be able to navigate it just fine.

Both quarterbacks will play and McCarthy should have a bigger role. Eventually it will become clear that he should start in my opinion.

Maybe that won’t happen. Maybe JJ has injury issues or maybe Cade and McCarthy play around and never return the job. The thing is, we don’t know exactly when the transfer will happen, but I still believe it happens sometimes before the trip to Columbus.

However, I wouldn’t be shocked (AT ALL) if it wasn’t. McNamara is a Big-Ten championship-winning quarterback and was a third-team All-Big Ten selection. The guy can play.

It’s a good problem to have and ultimately, it’s a battle that won’t be decided for good at fall camp.

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