10 video game cheat codes I would use every day in real life

These days, video game cheat codes often seem like a thing of the past. Those of us who grew up amid the early days of 3D and earlier generations probably have more than a few cheat codes etched into our brains forever. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, video games are tough and sometimes it’s fun to become a god.

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Cheat codes are certainly handy for characters who benefit from them, which got me thinking, what if I had access to cheat codes in real life? The amount of chaos I would likely cause is exactly why I should never have that kind of power, but with a few handy tricks, I have to be honest, life would be a breeze.


ten Leavemealone – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Everyone has those days when they just want to be left to do what they want without distractions. I have these days quite often because people can be the worst. That said, the GTA: Vice City Leavemealone cheat would be perfect.

This traditionally lowers your wanted level, and while I can proudly say that I have never been a wanted man by law, I am often wanted by those around me. Using this cheat to get some much needed time is something I think we could all use.

9 repair car – Saints Row: The Third

A lot of people like to show off how good their cars are, and even though my car doesn’t look bad, it fails me way more often than I’d like to admit. Saints Row: The Third has the exact solution I need in the form of the cheat code repair car.

It does exactly what you expect. While I don’t walk around totaling my car or jumping around to do some nice flips, everyone’s vehicles can use a little TLC. Mechanics are expensive, so a little cheat code could turn any car from a rustbucket into the Lightning McQueen of your dreams.

8 rosebud – The Sims

An oldie, but a goody, The Sims’ Rosebud is the kind of cheat code anyone could use. Sure, Motherlode makes you more money fast, but $50,000 is a bit of a flash. The rosebud cheat gives you a nice $1,000 with no strings attached.

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Overpriced plane tickets? Treaty. Clingy in-laws who put way too much self-esteem into expensive possessions? A thing of the past. Rosebud is a simple person’s cheat, but it’s the one that will make you so happy that you’ll start speaking in an invented language like simlish.

seven Jimmy’s Cheese Steak – Age Of Empires 2

Age of Empires 2 deserves credit for having some of the best cheat codenames in gaming history. One of the best is Jimmy’s Cheese Steak, a code that immediately gives you 10,000 food. Imagine all the possibilities with something like this.

You could become an incredible humanitarian or one of the most sinister food super-villains known to man. The 10,000 foods you get are a bit of a mystery, but any food is better than none at lunchtime.

6 God Mode – Doom

It’s kind of obvious to think that becoming indestructible would be a bit of an asset. Enabling God Mode from Doom probably wouldn’t have the same impact since I only fight Hell Demons on Thursdays, but it would still be useful.

Not having to worry about the many ways the world could suffocate me in an instant would be great. No more fear in tense situations, that sounds good! If I found myself in the middle of a raging fire, I would have time to have a snack and watch the big game before evacuating the premises for good. I could use cheating for good, but that’s a huge responsibility.

5 Fast Forward – Saints Row 4

The ability to fast forward through time might not seem like the most useful skill at first, but it really would have many unique uses. Have you ever played a game where you need to wait or have energy to refuel? Fast forward makes waiting a thing of the past.

Making the time pass faster would not only be great for those who can’t get enough of mobile games, it would also be useful for painful situations or work. Making the worst parts of your day pass faster would be something most people would pay a premium for.

4 Infinite Bullet Time – Max Payne

I wouldn’t even need the cheat code for infinite bullet time if I just had access to Max Payne’s base bullet time. Controlling the flow of time to slow down in tense moments would never be useless.

Everyone dropped a butter knife while expertly crafting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and bullet time would give you the chance to react and catch the bad boy without you needing to. rely on the crude five-second rule. Oh, plus it would help if I ever had a bad time, that’s good too.

3 DK Fashion – GoldenEye 007

I’ll admit GoldenEye 007’s DK mode wouldn’t really be useful, but it sure would make life a whole lot more fun. Seeing all the usual people in my life with absurdly large heads, big lanky arms, and tiny bodies would be absolutely hilarious.

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It would be even better if it was a change that only I’m aware of, because everyone would wonder what I’m laughing at. If everyone could tell the change had happened, cheating might not be so great thanks to the horror that would befall everyone.

2 The Konami-Contra Code

If you’re like me, you’re a little superstitious. There are a million ways things can go wrong in your life, and bad luck plays a huge part in that. While The Konami Code of Contra fame wouldn’t prevent horrible things from happening, it would make them less important… to me at least.

I never expect to have a terrible accident, but activating the Konami code before a big theft or even before jumping in the car over a long weekend would keep me much more relaxed than usual. Even being stranded on an island with someone wouldn’t be so bad with a code like this.

1 I am the winner – Age Of Empires 2

Everyone wants to be a winner, so the Age Of Empires 2 winner cheat might be the best cheat code ever. This grants you an instant win in the game, so I guess that would translate to an instant win in the middle of whatever I was doing in real life.

I would fly through life spamming cheats until I was comfortably among the richest people in the world. Anyone can guess how I would achieve this, but it’s hard to go wrong with an instant cheat.

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