10 Days to Kansas Football: A look at Kansas’ advanced analysis season

On the Rock Chalk Podcast, we like to mix it up a bit when we start previewing the upcoming season for the Kansas Jayhawks. We’ll still have our normal traditional preview next week as we prepare for Game 1, but we like to find a different angle to assess the team and the season ahead. Last year we looked at betting information and how it could make you a more informed fan. This year, we’re looking at advanced analytics. Specifically, we look at statistics based on the EPA.

To help us establish a baseline for the season, I asked Parker Fleming to join the show, who has been looking at Attended Points Added as a goal to see the world of college football for a few years now.

Before we jump into the analysis, I spent some time going through some of the biggest stories from the fall camp period, both in the football program and throughout the athletic department. This includes a few hires for NIL opportunities and the start of the volleyball and soccer seasons.

After the break, Parker and I jump into his philosophy surrounding advanced analytics for college football. We start with some background information you can use to better educate your fandom, before diving into his methodology for EPA stats.

There’s a discussion of what a player-based system brings to team game analysis, and we’re using Kansas as an example of how that analysis can be used to assess teams before it happens. there is in-season data to use.

After that, we look at how the approach changes throughout the season and talk about the best ways to apply this model to the games you watch. This includes a discussion of what you can NOT do with this data.

Finally, we look at what the model says Kansas fans should expect, and how crazy my prediction is for the Jayhawks this season.

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