6 Tips for Applying for an Online Loan and Insurance


Today, with the use of technologies, banking and financial services have expanded to the internet, making it quicker and easier to get a loan. Read http://www.ogawaweb.net/test-payday-loan/ for a critique

But as the financial transaction carried out via the internet, care is needed so that you have data security and receiving money.

Therefore, we have separated some tips so that your online loan is carried out with great security and in the comfort of your home:

Which companies offer online loan?



The company offers online credit of up to R $ 2,000.00. The payment term is in up to 12 months with the interest rate of 17.99% per month. Example: if you request the maximum amount of R $ 2,000.00 you can pay in 12 installments of R $ 425,60. Make the request directly on the website .


The maximum loan amount is $ 3,500 and can be repaid in up to 12 months. The interest rate ranges from 15.80% to 17.90% per month. If you request the amount of R $ 3,500.00 you can pay in up to 12 installments of R $ 657,60. Do the simulation right on the site. Make the request directly on the website .


The amounts offered are higher, and the minimum amount for the credit request is R $ 2,500.00 and allows payment in up to 36 months.

The Total Effective Cost (CET) varies between 2.97% and 12.89% per month. You can request the amount of R $ 5,000.00 and pay in up to 36 installments of R $ 229.00. Make the request directly on the website .


The company offers a loan of up to R $ 4,000.00. The amount must be paid in a maximum of 12 months. The interest rate ranges from 7.9% to 15.9% per month. If you wish, make your request on the website .

6 Tips for Applying for a Secured Loan

6 Tips for Applying for a Secured Loan

1. Check website security

Before you request and close the contract, you need to pay close attention to your site data. So make sure the site has a security certificate.

It is very easy to do this verification. Notice if to the left side of the page link there is a green padlock, if the site is secure.

2. Always check out the site domain

If the domain is its own, it will have the .com or .com.br termination, if it finds something different, it could be fraud .

3. Always check company data

Search the company history and check how the cadastral situation of the CNPJ (National Company Register) of the company.

But how to do this? You just need to get the number of the CNPJ, which is usually located in the footer of the company website, and search the situation on the IRS website.

4. Look for information about the company’s reputation

4. Look for information about the company

You can search for the company name on the Reclame Here or use the Low Interest website to run simulations on more than 30 types of loans and get information on key partners in the company. Go to the site and do your simulation.

5. Never pay advance fees

If a company requests payment of a fee for their loan to be released, it is fraud. You do not have to pay anything to have your credit. The only payments you will make are the installments of your loan.

6. Read the agreement

6. Read the agreement

The loan agreement must be provided by the company upon hiring. Read all the clauses carefully. And see if the plot values ​​are correct.

You need to research before applying for a loan.

What are the benefits of online loan?


One of the great advantages of applying for an online loan is that the credit and the return of approval of the company or not is made within 48 hours. And all this, without facing bureaucracy and facing ranks.

Lower values

The rates of companies that offer online loans are usually lower than in physical and face-to-face banks, because of the ease provided by the modality.

In addition, it is possible to verify the CET (Total Effective Cost) of each company.

So you discover the lowest rates and you can choose the one that fits best in your pocket.


It is a great advantage to have all the information about each company and its costs available before closing the loan agreement. You can also consult the Customer Service Center of each company to answer your questions.

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